“If your pictures are not good enough, you aren’t close enough”

The grate Hungarian-American war photographer Robert Capa ones said. “If your pictures are not good enough, you aren’t close enough”  I would never dream of comparing myself with Robert Capa, but when he gives you an advice I think one should listen. And yes there are thousands of quotes from famous photographer out there. You cant apply them all to your photography, would make you a little bit confused I guess. But use some of them once in a while, I’ve tried to do it with Roberts quote anyway. I always been drawn to close-up photos, I think photos most of the times gets more powerful  by leaving out unnecessary information.  Of course some times the background, backdrop is what is important in the picture, with out it the picture is nothing. So when I’m editing my pictures and I’m not satisfied with the result I usually try to zoom in to see what happens.

So when it comes to surf photography and you wanna get close, you have to step into the water or use a longer lens. I’ve just tried photography from the water a few times and I loved it, so that one of the things in my photography I wanna explore.

Here  some example what happens when you get in close or zoom in to your picture in the post production.The first picture is on Martin Coret ranked nr 5 on WSL longboard tour for the moment. The other is on Ze Mestre the son of Manuel Mestre who is famous surfer from Portugal.


Martin Coret,  Boot camp with Jez Browning , Hossegor 2015-06-23





Ze Mestre from the longboard Boot camp at The Surf Experience, 2015-02-17

Staffan Rennermalm 143Staffan Rennermalm 143c






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