The art of getting lucky

Sometimes you get lucky. June 2015 I was taking part of boot camp in Hossegor held by the surfer/ surf coach Jez Browning. First time for me in Hossegor and it turned out to be a great week. Jez picked us up at the airport in the afternoon and told us straight away that we were going straight to the beach for a surf session. He took us to the beach of Capbreton, really nice place. The waves were rolling in, not to big, perfect to start the week with. One really cool thing with that beach are the bunker complex from that’s standing on the beach. The bunkers where built by the Germans during the world war II as a part of the Atlantic wall. A little different view when you go surfing. They where originally built on land but due to land erosion they are now partly in the water. For some strange reason I never took any pictures of those bunkers. Claiming to be a photographer?! Live and learn!

Any way, one morning during that week we arrived to the beach very early. True! 07:15 says the meta data on my pictures and that’s early. When we arrived we noticed that there was an surf competition going on. Jez had a short look  and then e told me that I should take pictures of the longboard surfers because some of them might be famous. I spend like two hours taking pictures of them and some other surfers.

Didn’t think to much about it until like 8 month later when I was looking at World Surf Leags website and the surfers at their longboard tour. There was some familiar faces. That guy Antoine Delpero ranked No 1 in Europe, looked awfully a lot like one of the guy from that surf competition that early morning in Hossegor. After some comparing and searching on Facebook I found out that I’ve managed to take pictures of at least four of top surfers in the European longboard tour.

I later posted on of the images on Instagram and wrote in the caption that I just found out that they were famous surfers… Jez replied “well I told you so!”

So what did I learn? The more often I bring my camera with me and the more pictures I take them more lucky I get. Bring your camera and take lots of photos, don’t forget to surf though.


Eduardo Delpero








Jez Browning, surf instructor




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