Photo Work Shop in Cornwall

For the moment Im in Cornwall, Newquay for a surf photography work shop held by Tim Nun. Tim Nunn is the former editor of Wavelength Surf magazine. Been here in Cornwall for a couple of days and I just love this place. Very beautiful country side and the coast line is the same. The beaches reminds me of the beaches in Algarve, Portugal, steep cliffs and sand beaches in between. Tim been talking about a lots of things and special how to sell your pictures, one thing I really needs to work on. The first day ended with some live surf photography shooting. We went down to the beach trying to practise what we learnt during the day. Sadly the waves wasn’t there for us, just some tiny ones. But a couple of Tims friends took their longboards and went out there for us so we could get our images. As you can see the size of the swell aren’t the biggest ones you ever seen. Today the swell will pick up and we will practise shooting pictures from the water. I’m very pleased so far with this work shop. If you in to surf photograpy and want to learn more I highly recommend Tims Work Shop.DSC_2786DSC_3095


No matter the size of the barrel, you’ll try to get in there. =)



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