Sunday Fun!

I’m back now from the Work Shop with Tim Nunn. Grate weekend, and I learned so much. The second day was meant to be spent in the water and shooting with our cameras. But when it was time to get into the water the swell had become to big for us. So we quick changed the plans from shooting from the water to shooting from land instead. During the work shop we have been talking about line-up shoots and what kind of images the surf magazines really wants. So the day went on trying to practise what we learned.

You can check out Tim Nunns work on Tim Nunn Photography He is also involved in a very important project about all the plastic that floats around in our beautiful oceans around the world. Very important project! The Plastic Project

Pictures from Fistral beach in Newquay





2 thoughts on “Sunday Fun!

  1. I love your work, Staffan — even if the swells were too big, you got some gorgeous images! And thank you for sharing the link to The Plastic Project. I wasn’t aware of it and, as you say, it’s important work. Great post!


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