Use your teachers on You Tube

If I want my pictures to be black an white I always convert them in the post editing in Photoshop. I never change the settings in my camera to black and white. Why? I simply want the possibility to choose between colour or blank and white. There are so many different ways to convert your picture to black and white in Photoshop. If you do a search on You Tube You will find several great tutorials that will cover this topic. When ever I want to do something in Photoshop and I don’t have the knowledge how to do it, I will do a quick search on You Tube. Best teacher on the Internet. There are a lots of really bad tutorials, but you just skip them and go to the next one. I use You Tube for a lots of things actually. Lots of great guitar teachers out there giving you tips how to play for free.

This picture in two different versions, it was shoot at Fistral Beach in Newquay. I spent a weekend on Tim Nunns work shop. The pictures shows the different between colour and black and white. Its ok in colour but I think it gets more power in the black and white version. I’m always on the look to sea if my pictures will do better in black and white. Love the feeling you get in black and white pictures, most surf pictures are in colours….






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