Working with professional 

Sometimes you have the picture you wanna take in your head before you even get to the beach. You thinking, great light, awesome backdrop and a surfer doing an air in the foreground. And yes the surfer gonna wear board shorts and a shirt. Not really an easy task to fulfill if you not working with someone who knows what he’s doing (the surfer) But this time it wasn’t my idea it was Sam who came up with the idea. He told me -“I’m gonna surf this hypto crypto board down there in the end of the beach. And I’m gonna do an air with that cool rocky backdrop behind me. So be ready with your camera ok?” He paddled out and I stood there thinking “he is the greatest surfer I know but can he just pull it off like that?” And sure enough, the second wave he caught he was flying, just as he told me. I got the camera up and shot four images and one of them turned out to be ok. So my point is when you working with professional surfers don’t be afraid to tell them what kind of picture you wanna take. They got lots of skills and will probably pull it off and make you a happy photographer. 

And the really happy ending of this story is that Wavelengths Surf Magazine later used that image to promote one of their surf trips down to Algarve, Portugal.


6 thoughts on “Working with professional 

  1. Wow, Staffan — what a spectacular image. Talk about capturing the decisive moment! It’s wonderful to see what happens when *two* professionals collaborate. And congratulations also for getting the photo into Wavelengths Magazine. It’s a well-deserved honor.

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