Step into liquid

Doing surf photography demands that you get into the water, well maybe not totally true. You can make it from the beach with a decent lens, as I have done so far. For a long time I have wanted to take the step into the sea with my But sooner or later you want to step into the sea with your camera. Last year I bought a water proof Nikon AW1 and did some shooting from the water. But that camera did not really work for me. Dont think the image quality was good enough and I had to send it back after that I got some water into the camera. I have been checking out water housings that are made for surf photography, but they are really  expensive. So I got little bit excited when I found this one. It fits my Nikon D7000 and it got all the controls I need. And the price was in my range of what I can afford.  I had to do some modification on it to get it work properly but now I’m ready to go. Going to Portugal in a couple of months and I will bring with me.

And yes I will start out in small sized waves… water photography is so much more than just shooting pictures.





This one Emma (waiting for some waves) was shot with my Nikon AW1

Staffan Rennermalm 653


6 thoughts on “Step into liquid

  1. You’ve made your stunning images from the beach, Staffan?! I am blown away. Well, if you’ve been getting results like yours from the shore I can’t imagine what your images will look like once you get in the water. Can’t wait!

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