How it all started

2009 a decision was made to go on a surf trip to Portugal. I only tried surfing once before in 2006 and then it was in Australia. I went on a day trip with some surf school and I just loved it. The Surf instructor was a total surfer dude. No shoes, blond hair, super tanned and picking up the group in his Land rover. Do not remember his name but he was the nicest guy ever.

But in 2009 I ended up in Lagos that is located on the western part of the Algarve cost of Portugal.Staying at the surf camp The Surf Experience that´s located inside the city walls of Lagos was a total hit. Friendly people, nice and helpful staff and yes they had a couple of Land rovers they used to drive us out to the beach with. Toby and Tobe, the owners of The Surf Experience has been running their business since 1992, making it one of Algarve oldest surf schools.

On that trip I also brought my newly bought SLR-camera, a Nikon D50 equipped with the cheapest 300 mm lence I could find (100 Euro) I had never shot surfing before and it was not realy my intention to take a lot of pictures, and I did not take that many 700 for the whole week. Today I can shoot more than 2000 pictures on a good and long day at the beach.

This pictures are from my first surf trip. Nikon D50 and a Tamron 150-300 mm. All shot at the same beach, located on the south-west coast. You don’t need  that expensive equipment to take a decent photo I think.DSC_0225DSC_0156DSC_0138


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