Evening surf at Arrifana

Yesterday after a long day of moving from Luz to Lagos and some surfing as well, I decided to go for a evening surf. My kids and their friends stayed in Lagos and went out for a dinner. There are lots of restaurants in Lagos but they went to my favourite one (one of them) it´s The Green Room. A restaurant that serve really good Mexican food. Me on other hand loaded up my longboard and drew up to Arrifana. It´s a 45 min drive from Lagos. Arrifan is a beautiful town well worth a visit, not only for the surfing. I had a nice evening, mostly small longboard waves, but once in a while some bigger sets came rolling in. I surfed until the sun disappeared behind the hill, the water always feel a little bit sharky after the sun gone down.

If you are visiting Algarve, Arrifana is one of the places you should visit.DSC_3715



This is Emma Lockett riding a small barrel in Arrifana a couple of years ago. Always liked the light and the backdrops on that beach, perfect for surf photography.

Staffan Rennermalm 461


The Barrel!

Staffan Rennermalm 461This is Emma Locket in a barrel. Looks easy but I haven’t succeed to ride a tube yet, but one day I will. Emma though she did it several times that week.

This is shot at the girls Boot camp with The Surf Experience and with Sam Lamiroy as the Instructor for the camps. In this picture I got really lucky with the light, lighting up Emmas face and also the light shining through the wave. I didn’t have to work with the picture so much in Photo shop, just a little bit cropping and sharpening. The light and the colours was already there. I love to work during the golden hours always gives you that warm nice light.

Emma Lockett is an outdoor instructor from the UK. A really talented, nice and cool person. She does it all, surfing, climbing, down hill, skateboarding, skydiving, cuddling with white sharks etc.