Nordic Open 2017, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu

Nordic Open 2017 Brazilian jiu-jitsu was held this weekend outside Stockholm. I was supposed to take part but I bailed out. Next time… But I did not wanna miss the competition as a photographer. I spent 7 hours taking pictures during the first day, ended up with 1600 shots. Unfortunate the area where they were fighting was separated with a fence to keep the spectators from coming to close. But as a photographer it means that I can’t take shots from a low position ( due to the fence) and thats my favorite position when it comes to sport photography.  So next time I will see if I can get some kind of permission to be on the inside, would make it lot easier. The light conditions inside the arena was ok, I never use a flash so I have to turn up the ISO to be able to keep the shutter speed fast. Lots of great fights during the whole day.DSC_2020DSC_1687DSC_1634DSC_1631DSC_1188DSC_1574DSC_1165DSC_1184DSC_1727DSC_1629DSC_1490DSC_1725



Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

To progress my surfing i started practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu. What happened when I started a year ago, was that it improved my surfing and I fell in love with the sport. In Sweden there’s not always easy to find waves so you need substitutes to surfing as skateboarding and BJJ. These pictures are from last Sunday when wet had a three hour session with to other BJJ-clubs. Great time, hard work and lots of fun. Due to some poor light conditions I got some noise in my pictures.